These Teens Thought They’d Never Have To Answer For Their Actions - They Were Wrong

Four teen girls in Brazil launched an attack on another teen girl with intent to kill her. She managed to escape and get help. The lead attacker's only regret is that she and her friends didn't finish the job.

The girls, ages 13 through 16, lured the 14-year-old victim to one girl's home. When the 14-year-old arrived, she found the teens had dug a shallow grave for her in the back yard.

The teens bound the victim's hands and feet, then dragged her to the grave. They then spent the next four hours smacking her, hitting her with a wooden stick and a small machete.

"They tied me up and showed me where I was going to be buried," said the victim. "Then they stabbed me and put me in the hole in the ground. I thought I was going to die there."

The victim was able to escape her attackers when they stepped away to wash blood off their hands and planned their final blow. The victim sought help from neighbors and police were summoned.

Police investigated and found much of the attack had been filmed on one suspect's mobile phone. "The youngsters we arrested said the victim started seeing [one suspect's old boyfriend]. Jealousy is the main motive behind what happened," said Police Chief Renata Vieira.

One suspect admitted the girls intended to kill the victim and were annoyed that the victim escaped. The girls have been charged with torture and attempted homicide, but are expected to be sentenced as juvenile offenders.

Warning: Graphic Content

Source: MailOnline
Photo: AWM

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