These Officers Had No Idea They Were Being Watched - Caught Doing This

For whatever reason, the truly kind-hearted among us tend to lean towards the humble side as well. Random acts of kindness are pretty common among these selfless folks, and they typically won’t go around talking about them. They simply see a situation that could use a little helping hand and jump into action without giving it a second thought. As AWM shares, that description applies to this pair of police officers from the Norridge Police Department in Illinois, and they had no idea that a recent kind act would become a viral sensation.

The unidentified officers came across a homeless man that wanted to get on the bus, but he wasn’t allowed because he didn’t have any shoes. The kind souls took the man to a nearby shoe store and bought him a pair. The homeless man thanked them profusely, and the officers simply went on about their day. However, a woman named Elizabeth Horan witnessed the whole thing, and she shared an image of the officers on social media.

“The Norridge Police Department stopped to give a homeless person on Harlem and Irving a new pairs of shoes! They also waited to make sure they fit. This is amazing. Thank you!! Great Job Officers!” she wrote.

Her post quickly picked up a head of steam, and words of praise for the kind officers continue to flow in.

“Awesome, God bless them for their servant heart of giving to less fortunate! If everyone would do this, we would have a better world,” shared one user.

“Norridge police were great when I worked there as a dispatcher and still are! Above and beyond. God Bless you all!” shared another.

The police officers have yet to come forward, but there’s a pretty good chance they won’t for the reasons outlined above. Just knowing that they were making a difference for the homeless man was all the recognition they needed.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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