These Four Dads Will Have You Dying On Laughter - You Have To See This

It’s a dad’s life for four fathers in this music video that has taken over the internet and is absolutely hilarious. When you hear their song “Dad Life,” you’ll be like “Oh my God, that is so my dad.”

From gas station sunglasses to dockers with a cuff in the crease, these guys are reppin’ dad life HARD.

The video starts out with four men, some of different races and ages, walking out of their garage, of course, because garages are typically a dad’s thing. They are all rockin’ sunglass (probably from the gas station) and start rapping about that dad life. The video has been viewed more than 12 million times by people who agree that these guys know the dad life in and out.

“I look nice. I got dozens of dollars and that’s right, it goes straight to my daughters and my wife. I’m a miracle dad. Making magic with the checkbook is a talent I have” one father sings.

These dads don’t have a famous set for their video or wardrobe. They are in their natural dad habitats (like the office or the garden) wearing regular dad clothes, doing regular dad things like, “Shootin’ vids of the kids… it’s the dad life!”

This is a video that all dads can be proud of.

Source: Your Nation News
Photo: Your Nation News

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