Texas Healthcare Clinics Stir Outrage After Offering This 'Free' Service To Hurricane Victims

While Hurricane Harvey has moved on and is out of the headlines, it’s not that simple for those that have been directly affected by the massive storm’s wrath. There remains a ton of work to be done, and it will be a long time before those that have had their lives completely upended return to normalcy. Thankfully, there remain plenty of folks that are willing to pitch in and help, and we can only hope that spirit continues. A healthcare clinic in Texas has taken that cue, but it’s chosen an unusual approach to offering help.

As the Daily Mail shares, Whole Woman's Health is offering free abortions for victims of Harvey. The clinic has promised to provide women victimized by the storm with transportation, accommodations, and the procedure at no cost. More than 70 women have taken the clinic up on the offer thus far, but not everyone sees this offer as being a good thing. Pro-life groups in the area are up in arms, and they’re blasting the clinic for using the hurricane as a means to advance a pro-choice agenda.

Melissa Conway, director of external relations for Texas Right to Life, is among those outraged by the clinic, and she offered up some thoughts to Baptist Press.

“The promotion of this heinous no-cost service is riddled with fallacies because abortion is never free,” she said. “There is always a cost to abortion. Women are not free from the emotional toll that ensues after abortion and the child is certainly not free to live another day.”

Amy Hagstrom Miller, CEO of Whole Woman's Health, offered up the reasoning for the unusual promotion.

“Texas doesn't have a safety net, so we have to help people raise money for services,” she said. “Many of these women are traveling for two days and need support for travel and child care.”

Fair enough, but aren’t there other ways to help during a time when areas have been utterly devastated? Perhaps the clinic is doing that as well, but this part is getting all of the attention. Texas is a hotbed for abortion debate, which is one that will never be solved. The pro-life side has their feet firmly dug into the ground, and the pro-choice side does the same. There will be no headway anytime soon, and both sides will continue to yell at each other while accomplishing nothing.

In both cases, there are more pressing things to tend to at the moment. For the clinic, they’ve made it clear that they’re there for women seeking abortions during this time. Got it, mission accomplished on that front. As for the pro-life crowd that’s up in arms, your efforts are needed elsewhere at this time. Take the passion you feel on the issue, and translate that into helping the victims in need of assistance.

There’s plenty of folks doing just that, but it still needs to be said. There’s a time and a place to have debates. This is not one of them.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube, Facebook

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