Teens Prom Doesn't Go As Expected (Photos)

Aleena Kondek didn’t have her father to escort her to her prom, but she did have several members of her father’s colleagues from the Tarpon Springs Police Department to fill in for him.

The officers surprised Kondek when she was dropped off at prom, a plan organized by her mother. Kondek’s father, Officer Charlie Kondek, was shot and killed while responding to a noise complaint in 2014, according to FOX 13.

"It's our responsibility and our honor to stand in for Charlie," Maj. Jeff Young told the local news station. "Charlie would be here and he's not able to be here. So we want to be here for Charlie and for Aleena."

Kondek, who attends River Ridge High School in New Port Richey, said she was overjoyed to have her police family with her for her special day.

"They always say, 'never forgotten,' and I totally believe that," she said. "They're always texting me, 'how are you doing?' and they step in with things that my dad did, and they're amazing. I love each and every one of them."

Though the officers were a stand in for her father, she felt her father’s spirit with her that day as well.

"I know he's always with me," Kondek told FOX 13. "I just kept smiling all day because I know he's watching down and I know he's probably tearing up watching me."

Source: FOX13
Photo: FOX13

Girl escorted to prom by police officers.

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