Teen Finds Chilling 'Help Me' Note In Her Amazon Delivery

While we all have personal to-do lists that are jam-packed these days, that’s nothing compared to what’s on the plate of the companies that have to ensure the holiday season goes off without a hitch.

There’s a never-ending stream of online orders that need to be filled these days, and that can lead to plenty of tensions for those that have to fulfill them. This recent cry for help places that concept in a whole new perspective.

As the Daily Mail shares, a teen in the UK received a rather disturbing note on the Amazon invoice for her recent order.

“Help me please, PMP staff are evil,” the note read.

PMP is a recruitment agency that Amazon uses to help fulfill jobs at distribution sites across the UK. While ‘evil’ is a rather vague term that could mean anything from a demanding employer to one that inflicts harm on its employees, alarm bells were still set off for the teen and her family.

The teen’s mother, Kim Dorsett, would reach out to Amazon on social media to make them aware of what the family had found.

“My 13 year old daughter received her advent calendar today from her dad. She was all excited to open it because it was addressed to her,” she wrote. “She found this inside of her box and is worried amazon are running sweatshops..... I've told her it's probably a prank but can you just confirm this amazon.”

An Amazon spokesperson responded pretty quickly, but it came across as little more than a canned response.

“Oh no! I am so sorry your daughter received this note in her package, Kim,” the reply read. “We'd like for our team to look into this for you. Please fill out this form at your earliest convenience. Thank you.”

As Kim explains, the family was more than shocked at the note, and they’d like to have some answers - not just for their own peace of mind, but for the safety of the workers at Amazon facilities.

“My other half ordered the calendar as a present. He ordered a note in it saying 'love from mum and dad'. We asked April 'have you read the note?' and she said 'do you mean this one?'"

"That's when we saw it. I thought 'this isn't right,’” she continued. “Then I thought it must be a prank and I was overreacting, but then people pointed out all the stories about Amazon lately. This is quite worrying. It's the sort of thing you hear about happening in sweatshops in China.”

PMP would step in with a response, and the company assures the family that it’s taking a look at things.

“PMP Recruitment employs over 100,000 people across a range of clients, many of whom have stayed with us for a number of years or return each year during our peak trading period, so we do not recognise the comment made as being an accurate or fair representation of the employee experience we provide,” the statement read. “We provide various channels to raise concerns, including a confidential helpline, and have not received any complaints of this nature.

We do, however, take such comments extremely seriously and will be investigating in conjunction with our client.”

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Daily Mail, Max Pixel Stock Photo, YouTube

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