Teen Borrows Neighbor's Computer, Finds Nude Photos - Realizes They're Of A Member Of His Family

When a 15-year-old boy borrowed a computer from his neighbor Fort Worth, it led to him to finding child pornography.

According to various media sources, the boy opened a file in Joe Garza Jr's computer that contained naked photos of the teen's ten-year-old sister. The boy gave the computer to Garza, but didn't tell him he had seen the naked photos of his sister.

When he got home, the teen did tell his parents what he had seen on the 65-year-old's computer. The mother then asked Garza to come over and confronted him.

Fort Worth Police Officer Domingo Martinez explained what happened:

“They talked for two hours. I don’t know if he openly admitted it but he said he has a problem and asked her not to call the police and that he would disappear and not come back.”

Garza was still in the home when the cops arrived. He told the officer he took the naked photographs of the girl, admitted to taking videos, and even confirmed he sexually abused the girl.

The victim stated to police that Garza told her not to tell her parents about what he was doing with her. She also stated he gave her money and would buy her toys and clothes.

It seems that Garza also molested the 10-year-old's older sister a few years ago. Apparently, the older sister told investigators Garza would make her wear a blindfold when he assaulted her.

The older sister is the victim in one of Garza's pornographic videos where a female child is seen hanging upside down from a white rope. That white rope was found hanging in his dining room of Garza's home.

He is facing charges including possession of child pornography and continuous sexual abuse of a child. Another charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child was also filed against Garza for abusing the older sister.

Garza faces up to ten years in prison for the child pornography charge and up to life in prison for the two sexual abuse charges. He is currently incarcerated at the Tarrant County Jail with a bail of $145,000.

Source: IJR
Photo: Tarrant County Sheriff's Office

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