Teacher Encourages Female Student To Do Unthinkable - Parents Call For His Arrest

An unbelievable case of inappropriate advice offered up from a teacher to a student in the UK resulted in a lengthy investigation. The matter has come to a close, and the teacher is permitted to keep his job. That’s not sitting well with many observers of the case. As Fox News shares, the male teacher allegedly suggested to a female student that she should masturbate to relieve tension.

The student supposedly received the advice from a teacher by the name of Paul Gibbinson, who teaches design and technology class at the Magna Carta School in Staines, Surrey, near London. Reports indicate that the student had a cordial relationship with her teacher, but she was quite taken aback by the suggestion. That led her to raise concerns with administrators, and an investigation ensued.

“Pupil A gave evidence that during one of these conversations in 2014, Mr Gibbinson referred to masturbation and that this was, 'scientifically proven to work' as a form of stress relief,” the investigation report reads in part. “Pupil A stated she ended the conversation shortly after this reference by Mr Gibbinson and did not speak to him again until he saw her a few days later and asked her if she, 'tried that thing yet'. Pupil A inferred that he was talking about masturbating as that was the last conversation they had."

Sounds pretty cut and dry, but of course the panel had to dig deeper to make sure all of the facts aligned. It sure sounds like they do.

“The panel considered all of the evidence. The panel found Pupil A’s evidence to be consistent, credible and reliable. She gave her evidence in an open and forthright way. There did not appear to be any malice within her evidence to the panel,” the report continues. “The evidence given by the deputy headteacher at the relevant time added little to the panel’s deliberations for these allegations. The panel found Mr Gibbinson to be articulate and consistent in his account of the relevant events.”

Alright. The panel would find that the student’s tale was true. They would also find that Gibbinson’s claims that they were not true were off the mark. You would think he would be out of a job - at least - right? Wrong.

“I have placed considerable weight on the panel’s comment, the nature and severity of the behaviour is at the less serious end of the possible spectrum and the behaviour was limited to two conversations within a short period of time,” the report concludes. “In light of the mitigating factors that were present in this case, the panel has determined that a recommendation for a prohibition order will not be appropriate in this case.”

If you’re scratching your head right about now, you’re not the only one. Regardless of the situation, exactly how can a teacher suggest to a student that they should masturbate, follow up on whether they did or not, and face no consequences as a result?

Source: Fox News
Photo: YouTube

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