Surrogate Mother Refuses To Abort Baby, Has Now Learned Her Fate

San Franciscan Andrea Ott-Dahl already had three children, but still offered to be a surrogate for a family friend after hearing they had been trying to have kids for seven years. And although it took a while, a new baby for the infertile couple was eventually on its way.

Almost all moms today undergo diagnostic scans to make sure the baby is developing normally, and the couple that the Ott-Dahls were being surrogates for were excited when the time came.

But unfortunately the scan technician and the doctor did not have good news:

Andrea’s partner Keston noted: “The doctor said I don’t know what your education level is with chromosomal abnormalities, but this is generally where people terminate. I think she has Down Syndrome.”

The surrogate couple wanted to confirm the baby had Down Syndrome, so they had an appointment with a genetic counselor.

Keston said: “She did have Down Syndrome and we were also told the baby could have a severe deformity. She could have autism, she could be blind. And a list of other things.”

Moreover, the couple that had wanted a baby so much now didn’t want the baby any longer. Keston said it felt like almost everyone wanted them to “terminate” the baby. After watching videos and learning about Down Syndrome. Keston and Andrea decided to keep the baby despite the scary diagnosis.

Baby Delaney Only Had Mild Down Syndrome

The good news is that the infant – named Delaney – had a very mild case of Down Syndrome, and is a healthy, near-normal child.

Keston said that Delaney has taught her to be a “better person.” She suggests that anyone considering aborting a child with Down Syndrome “educate yourself thoroughly,” because “having a child with a disability teaches you and the rest of your family so much about what really matters.”

Source: IJ Review
Photo: Independent Journal

Woman refuses to abort baby because of health disorder.

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