Cosmetic Surgeon Shares Video Of Lip Filler Gone Wrong - Removes It By Popping Cyst

Dr. Pimple Popper is a dermatologist who became an internet sensation by posting videos of her work. The good doctor has taken YouTube by storm, proving that there are literally millions of individuals that get a twisted satisfaction from the sight of someone squeezing puss out of oozing, draining pimples and cysts.

Doctor Pimple Popper's channel was truly unique, but she may now have to make way for some competition.

Dr. Tijion Esho is giving Doctor Pimple Popper (known professionally as Dr. Sandra Lee, MD) a run for her money on YouTube. Esho is already a celebrity doctor in his own right - he's an award-winning cosmetic surgery doctor who has appeared on E4's hit reality show, 'Body Fixers'.

Esho has a clinic in the U.K. where celebrities in search of natural-looking treatments flock. His revolutionary lip lift, which includes a technique he pioneered called 'Nano Droplets', is becoming insanely popular. His waiting list is more than six months long.

Esho posted a video to social media showing a patient who came to him with a botched lip procedure. The patient was suffering from what is known as an 'inclusion cyst', which is usually caused by trauma.

The cyst occurs from tissue trapped beneath the surface, and in this client's case, it came from a bad lip injection. Temporary fillers, made of acid found in the human body, commonly causes this problem.

The doctor posted a video of the cyst that grew on the patient’s lip. "There is no infection here as there is no puss, inflammation or foreign body reaction," Dr. Esho explains on the video. "This is a superficial deposit caused by poor product placement. If the cyst is left for too long it calcifies and a puss like substance is produced during the draining process."

Esho then pierces it and proceeds to squeeze a lump of jelly-like white goo out of it.

The video was an instant hit. Within two days, it was shared more than 3,000 times on Instagram. Much like a horrible car wreck, people just can’t seem to look away.

Many admit they're addicted to the gross drainage videos, which they find oddly satisfying to watch.

The doctor might already be famous and have a thriving practice, but he could easily start a side gig if he wanted more social media attention. Just ask Dr. Pimple Popper how lucrative a YouTube channel featuring gross procedures can be.

She has nearly 3,000,000 subscribers, and videos that have been viewed by the millions. One video of a rather large blackhead, the size of a large pea, being extracted from a dilated pore on an elderly woman's back has been viewed more than 31 million times.

Perhaps Esho can start a whole new reality show. As a plastic surgeon, he must see his fair share of botched surgeries that result in oozing pustules just waiting to be drained. There’s certainly a larger than expected audience for that kind of thing. It could be a big hit.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: drtijionesho/Instagram,

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