'Nerds' Star Opens Up About Psychotic Break That Led To Car Crash

Troubles on the homefront can be pretty tricky to navigate. In a perfect world, cooler heads will prevail and the affected couple will be able to eventually work through their issues.

In an imperfect world, one member of the couple will suffer through a psychotic episode that nearly leads to the death of both of them.

The latter happened to actor Robert Carradine, but he has an explanation for what went down.

As the New York Daily News shares, the 63-year-old star of ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ is in the midst of an ongoing divorce battle with his estranged wife Edith. As tends to happen in higher profile divorce cases, some dirty laundry is being aired out in public.

In Carradine’s case, the laundry resembles a load that looks like it could use another run through the wash cycle.

Back in 2015, it appears as if the couple was in the midst of a spat. The spat sounds like it got pretty ugly, and things became exacerbated when the couple was traveling along the highway. Carradine was behind the wheel that day, and the former couple’s car crashed head-on into a semi truck.

Based on the pics, it’s pretty remarkable that the couple was even able to walk away from this horrific wreck. They did just that, but it wasn’t the kind of situation in which a couple is drawn closer together in the face of a traumatic event.

Their problems continued to escalate, and divorce has been deemed as the only solution.

Fast forward to today, and Edith is claiming that Carradine was attempting to kill them both on the day of the crash. She even says that he admitted that to her, but Carradine says that the crash was merely the result of a “psychotic breakdown” that he was in the midst of.

He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder several years back, and he claims that his wife prevented him from taking his medication.

Source: NY Daily News
Photo: YouTube, the1secondfilm/Flickr,

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