Social Media Erupts After Reading This Student’s Heinous Post

Cheerleaders from the Indianapolis Colts planned a wonderful gesture: they visited an Indiana high school to meet-and-greet with the students and promote the importance of donating blood. Things seemed to go well, but one racist student couldn't keep his offensive comments to himself when he posted on social media.

The student, whose name is not being released, went up to two of the cheerleaders for a photo op after the ladies gave their presentation. It seemed like such a great outreach and good cause couldn't go wrong, but then the teen posted the photo of himself, his friend and the cheerleaders to social media.

In the caption, the teen wrote, "Of course [friend's name] put me next to the n---er."

The offensive student was standing next to Leanna E., a beautiful young woman who happens to be African American.

He posted it to snap chat, which immediately garnered attention from other students. He tried to delete it, but by then someone had already done a screen capture and reposted the offensive comment to Facebook and Twitter. Anger flared up as the image was passed around to a larger and larger audience.

Eventually, the image and caption came to the attention of the principal. Rick Davis immediately issued an apology about the incident. "We are so incredibly sorry to everyone who has been hurt by this message and this mistake that this student made. That student and everyone else associated with it, especially the cheerleader, is dealing with the fallout," said Davis in a statement. "It was actually a very positive, great celebration that unfortunately was tarnished by this one student's actions."

The principal also promised that the student would face 'severe and significant' disciplinary actions.

After the uproar, one person came forward in defense of the student who posted the racial slur. Leanna, the Colt cheerleader he'd called the n-word.

"He made a mistake. I don't think that it was personal. It was just in my nature to forgive him, automatically, and pray for him and pray for everybody who was hurt by it," said Leanna to Fox 59. "My message to him would be to first forgive yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself. You made a mistake, and he apologized for that, and I thank him but to not do it again."

Source: MailOnline
Photo: Instagram/MailOnline

Racist post has student in hot water.

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