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Snake in Toilet Shocks and Scares Family from Seattle

A family from Seattle were stunned to discover a 4-foot-long python snake making itself at home in one of the bathrooms in their apartment in North Seattle. Their young daughter discovered the snake when trying to use the bathroom.

With the snake showing no signs of moving, the family contacted the local police and explained the situation.

According to KOMO TV, Lake City police officers quickly arrived at the scene and were able to help remove the snake from the bathroom, and give the rest of the house a brief search for other reptiles.

By the time the snake was removed from the building, officials from the Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society had arrived, promising the shocked family that they would relocate the python. The herpetological experts believe that the snake was a ball python, a type of snake that uses constriction rather than venom to eat its prey.

The New York Post reports that the ball python, a common snake for people to purchase as a first pet, is one of the most common snakes to be found in municipal areas of America. However, reports of snakes being discovered in toilets are relatively unheard of in Seattle.

The most recent discovery of a ball python in a toilet occurred in Kansas in 2015.

In comparison, snakes are regularly found in bathrooms and toilets in Northern Australia and Southeast Asia. In fact, Thailand is currently dealing with one of the worst snake seasons in history.

A recent report from the New York Times detailed the most recent victim of the snake invasion: Panarat Chaiyaboon.

Ms. Chaiyaboon was bitten by an 8-foot-long python while was sitting on the toilet, receiving eight deep puncture wounds from the python’s fangs.

The woman’s husband, Kanok Praditkranok, spoke to the Times about the plague of snakes taking over his city and country, saying: “There are snakes everywhere! They live beneath people’s houses, they live in holes, they live in the wilderness and in the ground. But they shouldn’t be able to enter people’s houses.”

As anger builds in Bangkok, the deputy director of the city’s fire and rescue department, Prayul Krongyos, has tried to assuage the concerns of people who see snakes in their home.

“Stories of snakes invading homes always sound scary, but as long as you don’t provoke them, they won’t hurt you,” Mr. Krongyos emphasized. “There are only a few cases where snakes come into people’s houses and hurt them.”

Unfortunately, these “few times” may still grow as an absolute figure due to the increasing population density of Bangkok. Built atop a marshy region of Thailand and including an area known AS ‘Cobra Swamp’, snakes have been a part of Thai life for decades.

However, the number of callout instances involving the emergency services and snakes has jumped several thousand times since last year.

So far this year, Mr. Krongyos’ department has received over 31,800 calls about snakes in toilets, under beds and in kitchens. In all of 2016, the number of snake-related calls was only 29,900. As Bangkok expands further, the number of incidents between people and snakes is only going to increase.

Source: NY Post
Photos: Seattle Police, PxHere, YouTube, Khaosod English, WTHR

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