She Has 10 Kids From 5 Different Men, Sick Reason Why She Wants 50 Grandkids Revealed

The story of Mandy Cowie, a 49-year-old single mother from the UK, has been gaining a ton of traction, and it’s not because she has made a fantastic contribution to society. As AWM shares, she was recently featured on the program ‘Britain’s Biggest Benefits Family,’ which focuses on those that make a living by doing absolutely nothing.

Cowie has 10 children from five different fathers, and she’s quite proud of her accomplishment. She hopes that her kids will have a gaggle of offspring of their own so that the good times can keep rolling along.

“Ten kids and full of tattoos, mate. So what if I’m on the effing dole, mate. Don’t like it, eff off. I had my first one at 18 and my last one at 36, and I’ve told them I want 50 grandkids before I die,” she said.

She’s well on her way, as she already has 16 grandkids. No word on whether those kids also subsist completely off of handouts, but it sounds like Cowie would be pretty pleased to know that her life’s work amounted to something really special.

“People may be shocked that I’ve been on benefits for so long, but I don’t care. I can’t work because of the kids, and while the pregnancies weren’t planned, I love having a big family. I probably wouldn’t get a job that would pay as much as I get now anyway. People might judge, but if it’s there on offer, who wouldn’t take it?” she adds.

To answer Cowie’s question, those that have pride, ambition, focus, a sense of responsibility and a desire to set an outstanding standard for their children to follow. That’s who. Commenters have not been enamored with Cowie’s story.

“Responsible people who work have to decide if they can afford to have children. Yet the British system rewards the least responsible for breeding. Something is wrong. You should never get more in total benefits than you would get from working full time at minimum wage,” shared one user.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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