These News Stations are Under Fire for Making Their Weather Girls Wear "Sexy" Clothes When on TV

Weather fans in Mexico are getting a warm front every day, and it's not because of the sun. Weather girl Yanet Garcia is heating up the airwaves with her nightly broadcast, and she's catching attention around the world.

She claims that she looks so good because of her dedication to working out, but some people suspect she had some surgical help. Other fans don't care-- they just want to watch her give the forecast.

Garcia, a 26-year-old meteorologist, appears nightly on the Mexican TV station Televisa Monterrey. Fans just can't get enough of the former model's hourglass figure and skimpy, tight outfits. Her ratings are through the roof, and she's created such a buzz that news stations around the world are trying to copy her success.

In Albania, one news station has been trying to boost ratings by hiring topless anchorwomen. The women still wear blazers, but the unbuttoned jackets and lack of bra or shirt leave a lot of cleavage exposed. While sitting there half-naked, the women wear serious faces and deliver the nightly news.

In Russia, the weather woman Larissa Sladkova got national attention for wearing skimpy outfits while giving the forecast, such as bikinis and miniskirts. With her FF-cup breasts, she managed to gain quite a following. She then went on to shock the nation when she decided to leave meteorology for a new career: politics. She's running for office.

Garcia, however, has risen to the top of the list when it comes to beautiful women in broadcasting. She has gained more than 7 million followers on Instagram, and loves to show off her body on her account.

Garcia recently posted a throwback picture, showing herself in side-by-side before and after shots. "Never give up," she wrote.

In the shot from eight years ago, fans couldn't help but notice that Garcia was a lot less curvy than she is now. Rumors circulated that she had implants in her backside, but the weathergirl insists that her well-rounded figure came with hard work and dedication.

"Eight years ago I decided to enter a gym because I was very thin and I wanted to find the best version of myself," she said. "It has not been easy, but it has been worth it."

Basically, that's her story and she's sticking to it. Some don't believe her, but her followers don't really seem to care how Garcia came to look as she does now. As long as she's willing to keep showing off her look, they're happy.

Well, maybe not everyone is infatuated with her. Her boyfriend, YouTuber Douglas 'FaZe Censor' Martin broke up with her back in July. He said he wanted to spend more time playing 'Call of Duty'.

"I don’t have time for a girlfriend," Martin said as he went into the next iteration of the video game franchise, Black Ops IV.

At first, Garcia said she was 'heartbroken', but it didn't last long. To get back at Martin, Garcia posted a video of shots of herself acting very sexy, enjoying some time by the pool. She tells her fans to 'never listen to the advice of a person who has not done anything good with his life'.

She also took a dig at her ex by posting the comment, "Respect yourself enough to say, 'I deserve better.'"

Source: The Sun
Photos: Yanet Garcia

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