Serial Killer Attacked By Victim’s Father After Sentencing

Some people are just plain evil. Cleveland serial killer Michael Madison is a case in point.

During the victim statement phase of a sentencing hearing earlier this week, the father of a teenage girl murdered by convicted sex offender Michael Madison jumped over a table in an effort to attack Madison.

Madison had just been given the death penalty for murdering 18-year-old Shirelda Terry, Angela Deskins, 38, and Shetisha Sheele, 28, back in July of 2013.

The incident occurred as Terry's father, Van Terry, was testifying in court about the pain from the loss of his daughter when he lunged at the murderer.

Serial Killer Smirked At Father Of Victim

Madison had flashed an evil grin at Terry as he spoke, and was clearly laughing as Cuyahoga County deputies pulled the distraught father off the murderer of his daughter.

The sentencing hearing reconvened after Terry was removed from the courtroom. Madison was apparently not seriously injured in the attack.

Of note, the incident occurred less than a half hour after Madison was sentenced to death for his crimes.

The bodies of Ms. Deskins, Ms. Sheeley and Ms. Terry were all found wrapped in garbage bags near the East Cleveland apartment building where Madison lived by a cable TV employee a few days after the 2013 murders.

Source: Mail Online

Photo: Cleveland

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