This Is The Selfie That Cost This Teen Dad His Life

Deleon Alonso Smith has passed away at the age of 19 after a fatal shooting accident at an apartment complex in Southwest Houston. According to Click 2 Houston, he was posing with a gun and taking some selfies when it accidentally discharged.

Reports indicate that Smith and his cousin had found the gun earlier in the day, and believed it to be unloaded. Smith began taking some selfies with the weapon, which would accidentally go off and strike him in the throat. The cousin was home at the time of the accident but in another room.

Smith’s family is in a state of shock at the horrific accident.

"It's the worst feeling in my life," said Eric Douglas, the victim’s uncle.

"It's a numb feeling. It's still unbelievable. Yesterday was my birthday and he came to wish me happy birthday, and now this kind of news," said Alma Douglas, smith’s grandmother.

No charges have been filed in the incident, and it’s still unclear where the cousins found the gun. Smith was the father of two young children, and preparing to begin college later in the week.

Source: Click 2 Houston

Photo: Youtube

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