Secret Service In Big Trouble After Making This Huge Mistake

While the Secret Service is typically expected to leave no room for error, the agents are still human. Mistakes happen to everyone, but this one might just be a big deal. Secret Service agents assigned to protect the president’s daughter-in-law left the pregnant woman’s birth plan on a vehicle dashboard, clearly visible to passersby, according to the Daily Mail.

Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump, wrote the document with the title “Baby hospital info.” The plan includes the name of the hospital in New York City where she plans to deliver her first child next month, the address of the hospital’s emergency entrance, the phone number for the facility’s security officers, and the person to be notified “ASAP” when the birth is imminent. A federal agent parked the vehicle in front of Trump Tower in Manhattan on Monday.

The Daily Mail noted that Trump has made numerous public appearances in recent weeks, proudly displaying her “baby bump” in stylish clothes. On Monday, she wore a sleeveless black dress as she strolled near Trump Tower. Her outfit also featured a pair of black and white shoes designed by Ivanka Trump’s fashion company, as well as a red Gucci bag. It was the same purse observers spotted her carrying in the Big Apple last Thursday. On that occasion, she donned a black tank top, pants with a floral pattern and sandals.

With her due date approaching, the expectant mother has been less active, spending most of her time at home. “Doctors told me that my last chance to travel had to be last week,” the 34-year-old woman told the Daily Mail. “So I attended a rally in West Virginia with my father-in-law, which was amazing.”

Trump said she had been “blessed with an incredibly easy pregnancy,” adding: “I was always a little worried, because I had heard different things from different people about their pregnancies. Some people have to stay in bed for months. … You never know what you’re going to get. I knew I needed to work out for my sanity, and I try and make it a daily habit if I can, so I count myself very lucky that I have been able to keep doing that while pregnant. … I know (staying physically fit) can make the delivery easier, which would be great. And it means that the recovery time after birth is often shorter.”

The presidential daughter-in-law’s trainer, identified only as Michael, praised the woman’s commitment to working out. He said she “looks amazing” after 35 weeks of pregnancy, explaining that her fitness regimen is “great for shoulders, glutes, hamstrings and quads.” Trump gave some of the credit for her trouble-free pregnancy to her husband and his family, as well as her own family. “The nursery is coming along nicely,” she said. “We’re nearly there with it, which is a huge weight off our shoulders. Eric actually built the crib himself. He’s very handy.”

The mother-to-be’s sisters-in-law, Ivanka and Vanessa, have been helping and advising her. “The great thing about both of my sisters-in-law is that I’ve been able to watch them being great moms,” Trump said. “They have both been so great with me. They have answered all my questions and are always there to tell me what I should do, which is great. I’m a brand new mom, so I don’t know the difference between car seats and strollers. Having them there has been wonderful.”

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube, MailOnline

The plan was out in plain view.

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