Schoolmates Take Turns Carrying Their Disabled Best Friend

Xia Ming, 15, was diagnosed with polio as a baby is unable to move his legs. Yet, his best friends, Zhang and Huang, take turns carrying him to class, the toilet and restaurants.

In fact, the three teens from Xuzhou, China spend all their time together and dreaming of attending the same university. They've been taking turns carrying Xia for the past two years. When they encounter large crowds, the one who isn't carrying Xia makes sure they have enough space to move about.

The ninth-grade students are inseparable.

Their teacher, Li Rongxiang, said, "Village children are very simple. When they help their classmates, they do it from the bottom of their hearts."

Xia had his necessities close by when he was in primary school. Although, in secondary school, things are a bit farther, and he needs the extra help. Li went on to say "Their division of labor is clear and they take turns. And they always make sure one of them sits in front of Xia."

Xia told a local newspaper that he felt fortunate to have such warm-hearted friends.

Photo: Daily Mail

Boys go out of their way to help their disabled friends.

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