School Discovers A Student's Drunk Mom Sleeping In Car In Parking Lot

One mom had more than a few too many drinks before heading to pick up her child at school. School employees found the mom after she retrieved her child asleep in the parking lot in her SUV.

Police found the woman's blood-alcohol level was six times the legal limit. She was taken to the hospital before being handed a citation for driving under the influence.

Police in Washington state were called to the school at approximately 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday after the staff found a mom in the parking lot who appeared to be intoxicated.

The mother had just parked the car and gone into Graham Elementary School in Graham, WA to pick up her child, then walked back to the car. She fell asleep behind the wheel before going anywhere, thankfully.

A school employee walked up to the car when she spotted the sleeping mother and knocked on the window. The mother could not be roused for a while, so the employee had to keep banging.

When the mother finally woke up, she appeared disoriented and clumsily fumbled to roll the window down. The school employee says she could smell alcohol on the woman's breath.

The employee took the child back into the school and called 911. Sheriff's officers arrived and noted that the woman had bloodshot eyes, was slurring her speech and reeked of alcohol. She was able to talk and answer questions, however.

Officers brought the woman to the precinct and administered a blood-alcohol test, and the woman's level was six times the legal limit. Shocked deputies then transported her to the hospital.

"As the traffic deputy awaited the test results, the woman struck up a conversation with him about the Seahawks game from the day before," read a statement from the sheriff's office. "The deputy was shocked when the BAC ticket printed out at a .461 and a .466 test result."

After medical observation, the mother was given a ticket for DUI - Physical Control of a Vehicle While Intoxicated. Officers impounded the SUV she was driving and a 12-hour hold was placed on it.

The woman's spouse is in the military and is currently deployed overseas. Police were able to get in touch with the spouse. The child was then left in the temporary custody of a family friend.

This is the latest incident in a long line of reports about moms who drink. The film "Lipstick & Liquor" documents the growing problem of suburban moms using and abusing alcohol as they struggle with the stresses and pressures of everyday life.

The film notes that women have taken on increasingly demanding roles in the family, having to balance work and home life, and are expected to be perfect. Since alcohol is socially acceptable and readily available, it's become a quick fix that helps them cope and relax.

It easily gets out of control for many women, though, as binge drinking is on the rise with women.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Daily Mail, Google Maps, PxHere, Facebook, Pixabay

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