School Has Disturbing Reaction After Girl Finds This In Backpack (PHOTOS)

Bullying can take many different forms, and doesn’t necessarily involve physical violence.

A 6th grader in Delta, Colorado says she is being bullied at school, and has discovered the face of a dead pig inside her backpack this week. The girl’s mom is complaining that the school isn't doing anything about the bullying.

Twelve-year-old Shelby Cady found the skinned pig’s face in her backpack last Thursday afternoon.

She thought maybe it was just a friend playing a gross trick on her. But now she thinks it's the work of a bully. Shelby noted she’s been bullied pretty much ever since she arrived in Delta after moving from Arkansas.

"They call me Arkans-ass, and they call me polar bear killer because I wore this really fluffy coat," Shelby commented in an interview with the media.

Robin Earnest, Shelby’s mom, pointed out the bullying to school administrators, but they did not take any action. "I consider something like that bullying. And they said it's not, so we need to define what bullying is in our schools so our children can be protected."

Of note, the Delta County School District superintendent was not willing to speak to the media about this situation. However, he did say he did not believe the prank was malicious.

Source: KDVR

Photo: NBC 11, KDVR

Girl finds a pig head in her backpack.

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