School Calls Student 'Terrorist' For What He Said About Muslim Refugee Crisis

In a surprise story, a school labels an 8-year-old boy for saying five words about the alleged refugee crisis. The school then called social services and labeled the student a "terrorist."

Many schools have been recently caught indoctrinating young minds to support Islam. Now, students are labeled if they challenge this thinking. Rhys Atkinson, 8, is now labeled a terrorist for his response during a discussion of the flood of asylum seekers in Europe.

The teachers at St. Michael & All Angels in Upton, England were trying to get their students to raise money for the refugees. That is when Rhys stated that when he grows up, he wants to fight terrorists.

The school doesn't want anyone defending the innocent against terrorism. So, they called social services and Rhys' parents.

Mark Atkinson, Rhys' father said, “The school has been raising money to help with the refugee crisis. My son came home and told me his form teacher had explained how the crisis had begun. I sat him down and we discussed it. The next day he went into school and said that he wanted to fight terrorists. Then all of a sudden it’s being implied by his teachers that he is one.”

The staff warned Mark that several schools had been visited by anti-terrorism police, and they were told to “look out for signs of radicalization,” which evidently includes children who oppose radicalization.

A letter was soon sent to Mark stating that the department has details “in relation to some comments made by your son in school in relation to terrorism.” It also said the child "plays a violent video game."

Rhys’ mother, Louise said, “He is putting on a brave face but was confused and didn’t understand if he can still go to school. I think they should react to a young child’s naive comments like adults and not jump to crazy conclusions. It is idiotic.” His school records now have him labeled as a "terrorist."

There was once a time when fighting terrorism was considered honorable.

Photo: The Sun, Daily Mail

Child labeled a terrorist for speaking his mind.

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