Sawed-Off Rifle Man Was Hiding In His Pants Accidentally Went Off

A man walking around with a sawed-off rifle hidden in his pants had an accident that led to his arrest. He went into a restaurant to order some take-out when his rifle accidentally went off, and he shot himself. He tried to flee, but he was found and charged with multiple felonies.

Abdihakim Saeed, a 20-year-old man from Toronto, went into a Scarborough restaurant on Monday afternoon around 4 p.m. to order some food. No one realized the young man had a firearm hidden inside of his pants, until he accidentally caused the gun to discharge.

The bullet injured Saeed's leg, but it was not life-threatening. Saeed, not wanting to get into trouble, fled the store. He ran to his vehicle and tried to get away. He threw the gun away in a wooded area as he drove by, but then ended up getting into a hit-and-run collision.

Eventually, Saeed abandoned his car and ran away on foot. He was later found by police at a local residence and arrested. The time from when Saeed shot himself to the time he was captured was only about 15 minutes, but police still had a bigger problem: the missing gun.

The next day, police went on an aggressive hunt for the gun to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. A search involving police dogs helped authorities locate the discarded gun in a ravine.

Saeed is actually fortunate that he did not hurt himself more seriously when his firearm went off. One poor man in Phoenix, Arizona was walking to the store with his girlfriend, and he had tucked her gun into the waistband of his pants. The gun accidentally went off, and he was shot in the penis.

Another man in New Jersey was handling his own gun in his own home when it accidentally went off, and he wounded himself.

Firearm experts will tell you that the idea that you don’t need a holster is a myth. It is far too dangerous to just tuck a gun in one’s belt, pant’s waist, bra or ordinary purse. Even if the safety is on, it could pose a serious threat and accidents do happen.

A holster is a necessary investment for those who want to carry a firearm safely. Without a proper holster or purse designed to hold a firearm, you may be putting your own life or the life of others at risk.

Unfortunately for Saeed, his situation was not as simple as simply not having a holster. He was illegally carrying his sawed-off shotgun, and was walking around with it loaded in his pants. Police noticed that the serial number for the gun had been filed off of it so that it couldn’t be traced.

Saeed now faces eight serious charges. According to the Toronto Sun, he's been charged with, "..unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm knowing its possession is not authorized, possession of a loaded firearm, possession of firearm in a motor vehicle, possession of a firearm Knowing its serial number has been defaced, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, failure to remain at the scene of an accident and careless use of a firearm."

Source: Toronto Sun
Photos: 123RF Stock Photo, Toronto Police, Pixabay

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