Safety At Resort Madeleine McCann Disappeared From Questioned After Nanny Steps Forward

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann has held world-wide fascination for 10 years now. The toddler was on vacation in Portugal with her family in 2007, and she was asleep in the rental apartment with her twin brothers. Her parents were with their friends at a restaurant on the premises, and the adults were taking turns to go up to the room to check on the children. When Madeleine's mother went up to check around 10 pm, the little girl was gone.

Madeleine hasn't been seen since, and there are many theories about what happened to her. The most popular theory is that her parents had something to do with her disappearance. They've been admonished for leaving the children alone in the apartment while they went to the restaurant.

Some say the mother and father, both physicians, had given the children something to make them sleep, and it ended up killing Madeleine. As the theory goes, they hid her body in the trunk of their car and drove it away to be dumped somewhere, then reported her missing.

The Mirror reports that a nanny who was working at the resort at the time of the three-year-old's disappearance claims she believes Kate and Gerry McCann to be innocent. The nanny took care of Madeleine and her siblings several times during the family's stay at the resort.

According to the woman, it was an unsafe neighborhood. The nannies were issued rape whistles and told not to go outdoors alone. Even with that, she says it was quite common for parents to leave kids in their rooms while they went out to dine. While this move stirred up much suspicion of the McCann parents, the nanny never thought it was an issue.

The nanny remembers that Kate and Gerry looked horrible the day after their daughter's disappearance. "[Kate] was pacing up and down. The worst possible thing had just happened to her. [...] She was crying, but almost in a catatonic state, and Gerry was very distressed," The Mirror reports the nanny said. "That's the one thing I really remember from him, looking under the cars. I can't forget that."

Other theories say Madeleine woke up in the middle of the night looking for her parents, went out of the apartment and either met with an accident or was taken. Other theories suspect someone kidnapped her straight from her room, perhaps because a kidnapper wanted to extort money from the McCanns or because the toddler was targeted for human trafficking. It's been 10 years, and to this day, no one knows what really happened to the little girl. The mystery continues.

Source: IJR
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