Robin Williams' Widow Shares Beloved Comic's Last Words And Cause Of Death

Robin Williams was one of the most beloved comedians and actors of his generation. Williams’ widow recently spoke to the media about her final conversation with Robin, and also discussed Lewy Body Dementia, the disease that she says was responsible for her husband’s death.

Susan Williams, Robin’s third wife, broke down in tears on several occasions as she went into detail in an interview on Good Morning America about her last conversation with her husband before he was found dead in what is assumed to be a suicide back in the summer of 2014.

“I was getting in bed and he came in the room a couple of times … and he said, ‘Goodnight, my love,'” Susan, 51, explained when talking about Robin’s last words. “And then he came back again. He came out with his iPad and he looked like he had something to do. And that was like, ‘I think he’s getting better.’ And then he said ‘goodnight, goodnight.’ That was the last.”

Susan also detailed in the interview that in the months before Robin took his life, the acclaimed comic genius had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

In answering questions during the interview, she also recounted several odd behaviors exhibited by her late husband in the final few months, including an occasion when he somehow fell and cut his head in the bathroom but didn’t know what happened.

“My best friend was sinking,” Susan said sadly, referring to Williams.

In an interview with People, Williams’s widow also sets the record straight regarding her husband’s cause of death. She said: “It was not depression that killed Robin. Depression was one of let’s call it 50 symptoms and it was a small one.”

As has been widely reported, the actor, who got his start on the hit Mork and Mindy TV comedy back in the late 1970s and starred in hit films such as Mrs Doubtfire, Good Morning, Vietnam, and Good Will Hunting, entered a rehab program around a month before his death. Friends and family note that Williams had fought alcohol and drug addictions throughout most of his life.

Susan, however, claimed in her interview on GMA, that Robin had been sober for close to eight years, and neither the addiction nor depression was the cause of his death.

“Lewy Body Dementia killed Robin,” she remarked. “It’s what took his life.”

She also pointed out that the coroner confirmed that Williams suffered from Lewy Body Dementia, a difficult-to-diagnose and treat condition with some of the symptoms of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Williams’ widow said she had been told by doctors that the condition is similar to “chemical warfare in the brain,” and commented that she believed “no one could have done anything more for Robin.”

She emphasized this point in her interview with GMA, saying: “I just want everyone to know that… everyone did the very best they could. This disease is like a sea monster with 50 tentacles of symptoms that show when they want. And we can’t find it until someone dies definitively. There is no cure.”

Source: Little Things
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, YouTube

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