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Retired Deputy Wakes Up To Shocking Sight, But He Was Armed And Ready

A retired deputy from Texas heard mumbling in his room early Sunday morning and thought it was his son. He ignored it until he felt his wife nudge him.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a stranger standing over their bed with a knife. The stranger was saying some very unusual things. He had a gun within reach and was able to get the situation under control.

Robert Rodriguez and his wife woke up to find an intruder had broken into their Austin, Texas home. Richard Brent Prieto, a 32-year-old man, was standing over the couple wielding a knife he had gotten from their kitchen.

Prieto seemed to be in distress and was muttering strange things, such as that his wife was under the house, and that Chuck Norris was waiting for him. As he continued to babble, Rodriguez, a retired deputy, slowly but surely reached for his firearm.

"I'm just slowly reaching for my weapon and he's talking and all of the sudden I grabbed my gun and trained it on him. I said, 'drop the damn weapon,'" Rodriguez said to Fox San Antonio.

The homeowner ordered Prieto to drop the knife, and thankfully the intruder obeyed the armed man's orders. Rodriguez, with his law enforcement experience, was able to keep a cool head and didn't fire.

“I had every right to kill him. I was ready and I swear I would have,” Rodriguez said to CBS Austin. “Had he come at me I was ready. I had my gun fully loaded with 15 in the clip and one in the chamber, so it was ready to go.”

He says if Prieto had a gun instead of a knife, he would have fired. Ultimately, though, he was glad that the culprit was apprehended without gunfire. He dialed 9-1-1 and police came quickly.

Rodriguez knew the law and that legally he was entitled to protect his family, but he didn't have to kill the young man to do it.  "Once they're in your house pretty much you can shoot to kill and don't hesitate," he said.

“In my case, I felt with my training I was more in control than he was, and I had my weapon on him the whole time from the moment I pulled my gun to the moment the police came and took over,” he explained to CBS.

Police believe the intruder forced his way into the family home with a stick, intending to do harm. Once getting in, he armed himself with a kitchen knife. Prieto was taken into custody and was charged with burglary of habitation with intent to commit assault.

No word yet on whether Prieto is suffering from mental illness or was on drugs at the time.

Oddly the family dog wasn't home with them that day, or Rodriguez says he doesn't believe the intruder would have made it from the gate to the house.

Current arguments about gun control and the Second Amendment often focus on the danger of guns falling into the wrong hands. Every day, however, law-abiding citizens with guns are able to protect themselves, their loved ones and their property from threats thanks to access to firearms.

If Rodriguez didn’t have his fire arm, things could have ended very differently in this situation.

Source: IJR
Photos: IJR

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