Residents Make Horrifying Discovery In Broken Elevator

Residents of an apartment complex got a terrible surprise when they found out what was inside a broken elevator.

An elderly man in Denver disappeared on July 5 after he went down to get the mail one morning. His family feared he was suffering from dementia and searched for him frantically for a month. In August, people living at the man's apartment complex began to notice a horrible smell. It turns out the man was trapped in an elevator and died there because his calls for help were ignored.

Isaak Komisarchik's mysterious disappearance was finally solved, and revealed the elderly man suffered from a tragic death that could have been prevented. The whole month he was missing, the 82-year-old man was in the elevator at his own apartment complex.

The body was found a month after the disappearance, when neighbors began complaining of the smell emanating from the broken elevator. The complaints had been coming in for a while, but the complex management ignored it. When the task of checking the elevator finally came up on the management team’s to-do list, they found the elderly man's rotting corpse and called police.

Elevators are required to have a signaling device in case someone gets stuck inside of one, and this elevator did have a device that alerted the elevator management company. According to authorities, Komisarchik did push the emergency button, twice, on the morning he disappeared. But help never came, and at some point between July 5 and August 2, the man died.

The MEI Total Elevator Solutions monitors did pick up the emergency distress calls. They sent out employees to inspect the elevators, but the employees failed to do a thorough inspection. They only looked at two out of the three elevators in the building.

The third elevator was near a parking garage that was being renovated at the time. The company employees thought it was not operating, so they didn't bother to look in it. Unfortunately, that was the elevator in which Komisarchik was trapped.

“The elevator wasn’t inoperable,” said a police spokesperson. "How he got in there and when he got in there is obviously what we’re trying to figure out.”

“We are saddened by the tragic loss of life and extend our deepest condolences to Mr. Komisarchik’s family and friends,” said Greystar Management Services in a statement. The company manages Woodstream, the apartment complex where Komisarchik lived and died.

MEI Total Elevator Solutions has declined to comment on the tragedy.

Komisarchik's daughter, Yelena, said she knew something was strange about her father's mysterious disappearance. He was limited to how far he could travel, so the family was baffled about how he could have just wandered away on his own without leaving a trace. He was even wearing his pajamas, so if he had been wandering the streets, someone should have noticed him.

"He actually walked to the mailbox to pick up the mail and to the office to get some things from there and then he just disappeared," she said, noting he 'physically couldn't' walk very far.

Source: Denver Post, Daily Mail
Photo: Denver7

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