Young Man Sent To Jail For Repeatedly Assaulting His Wife With A Hammer

A stunning story has come to light from across the pond, and it has to do with a Pakistani asylum seeker that felt the need to assault his wife with a hammer. The perpetrator has been jailed for his actions, but outrage is growing over one of the sentencing judge’s decisions.

As the Daily Mail reports, the man will not be deported, and he will be free to remain in the UK upon release.

Mohsin Akram, 21, came home completely hammered, and he decided that his wife wasn’t living up to her responsibilities. Instead of having a heart-to-heart talk to clear the air, Akram decided the best course of action would be to beat the terrified woman with a hammer.

“The prosecution say he completely lost his temper and started to talk about teaching her a lesson, how to be a good wife. He then picked up one of the hammers and began hitting her, she put her arms above her head to protect herself,” prosecutor Stephen Donoghue explained to the court.

Donoghue also states “The prosecution say that she was pleading with him to stop, telling him that he was hurting her. He said 'you've had your chance to be a good wife.”

The woman was able to escape the attack, and the charges she filed resulted in an open and shut case. The sentencing judge, Judge Tom Crowther, indicated as much when he addressed the court.

“So angry did you become that your life didn't correspond to this teenage fantasy that you started to belabour [her] with a hammer, first one then two in a sustained attack that left her badly bruised all over her body and deeply shaken,” he said.

The Judge continued “During the attack on her in a gesture clearly designed to isolate her and underline your control over her, you made a point of breaking a tablet computer that was the only link she was allowed to the outside world.”

Akram was sentenced to 15 months behind bars for the assault, but Crowther determined that there was no reason to deport the violent offender. That’s led to plenty of head scratching from local residents, and the victim is beyond outraged that the man that attacked her will be permitted to remain in the country.

“The judge could have said he is to be deported but didn't. There are so many reasons why he should be deported,” Mrs. Hussain said. “He is an asylum seeker but actually went out of the country last year. He has the stamps on his passport, how can they let an asylum go there, come back and continue life as normal.”

Mrs. Hussain has every right to be outraged, as she could very well be dead right about now if she was unable to escape the throes of her husband’s drunken and violent outburst. A man that would actually pick up a hammer to get his point across deserves a much stiffer sentence, and there’s absolutely no reason he should be allowed to remain in the country to potentially inflict harm on others upon his release.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: SWNS via Daily Mail and Express, Pexels Stock Photo, Ham/Wikimedia

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