Red Sox Busted For Doing Unthinkable To Rival Team

As the Major League Baseball regular season enters the stretch run, a major development has taken center stage. A high-tech cheating scandal has emerged that revolves around two of the game’s flagship franchises. The Boston Red Sox have been accused of stealing signs from the New York Yankees with the assistance of Apple watches. As the New York Post shares, the Yankees have sent video documentation to league offices to bolster their claims, and it looks like the Sox were caught red-handed.

The incident went down during a series between the two clubs last month at Fenway Park. In the complaint, the Yankees allege that the Red Sox training staff relayed information received from video personnel to players via Apple watches. While sign-stealing has always been an unwritten part of the game that has been met with winks and shrugs, high tech means of gathering intel takes it to a whole other level entirely.

“The Red Sox have been 100 percent fully cooperative with us in this investigation,’’ said MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. “What I can tell you is this: I take any issue that affects the play of the game on the field extremely seriously,” Manfred said. “I do believe that this is a charged situation from a competitive perspective when you have the kind of rivalry that the Yankees and the Red Sox have, I guess it’s not shocking you could have charges and countercharges like this. We will conduct a thorough investigation of the charges on both sides. I want to do that quickly. I think that’s important that we get it resolved.’’

Yankees manager Joe Girardi is pretty taken aback by what was uncovered, but he acknowledges that competitive edges are part of the game.

“I’m not going to comment on what’s been written or any of that, but this has been a concern of mine for a long time,” Girardi said. “We assume that everyone’s doing it, just to protect ourselves. Now, I’m not saying that everyone is doing it. But I think, as a team, that everyone tries to do something. You can assume what you want.”

The Red Sox came clean once confronted by MLB to admit to wrongdoing, but the club did file a counter-complaint claiming that the Yankees have used YES Network cameras to spy on them.

“[I’m] aware of the rule that electronic devices are not to be used in the dugout, but beyond that the only thing I can say is that it’s a league matter at this point,” Red Sox manager John Farrell said.

As for whether this could all be some kind of misunderstanding in which both clubs are at fault while looking for an edge, Girardi isn’t buying it.

“No chance,” Girardi said. “We’re being accused of looking over the camera well, I think. The guy gave signs that [first-base coach] Tony Pena could see, too. I’m just saying no, we’re not doing that.”

No word on what kind of penalty the Red Sox may be facing from MLB, but it seems certain that the club will at least be fined for its actions.

Source: New York Post, New York Post
Photo: YouTube

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