Public School Teacher Is Accused of Physically Abusing 6-Year-Old Student

Teachers have a tough job, and no one doubts that. When children get out of hand, it can be difficult to keep the matter under control. Losing one's temper and getting violent is simply not an option for a teacher, no matter how much the child may act out.

Even if the child acts out violently, the teacher should only do what is necessary to restrain him to prevent him from hurting himself and others. Sometimes, unfortunately, teachers lose their tempers and cross the line.

A school teacher in Louisiana turned himself in to authorities after he was accused of brutally assaulting a young student. He's been charged with cruelty to juveniles and simple battery. The school placed the teacher on administrative leave while the matter is being investigated.

Gregory Bonvillian, a teacher at Park Forest Elementary School in Baton Rouge, was reportedly getting frustrated with a six-year-old autistic student named Christopher was acting up in class. The 48-year-old teacher ordered the child to step outside of the classroom.

According to reports, Bonvillian slammed the child's head against a brick wall three or four times. He then picked him up off the ground and threw him into the air. Christopher fell to the floor. The teacher then picked up the child and returned him to class.

Two teachers were nearby when the incident took place. They heard the six-year-old boy crying, and by the time they saw what was going on they witnessed the teacher tossing the child into the air. They say he flew approximately 5 to 6 ft. from the sidewalk. The little boy landed on his back.

Christopher was sent to the school nurse, who found the child was injured. School officials immediately notified law enforcement and child protective services. The school placed Bonvillian, who received a master’s degree in education in 2001, on administrative leave.

The child was questioned by authorities and reported that when he left the class with the teacher, the teacher bent down to talk with him. Christopher admits he punched Bonvillian in the nose when the teacher bent down, which seems to have triggered the assault.

The teacher went to authorities and turned himself in to authorities immediately. Bond had not yet been set and it is unclear if the teacher has gotten an attorney yet.

Christopher is suffering from a bump on his head, and has been traumatized by the assault. The special needs student is now afraid to go back to school, according to his mother.

"He basically asked me and my mom, if he goes back, is someone else gonna hit him?" she said.

She says she and her mother are now worried about how Christopher will feel once he has to go back to school. Regardless of whether the first grader hit the teacher or not, the young boy is in a special class for student with special needs.

Teachers need to be better trained to handle students when they become unresponsive or violent, not beat them up.

"There's nothing that my child could have done to be assaulted, period," The mother said.

"I could just imagine how my child felt for a teacher who he trusted to do this to him," she added.

Source: Time
Photos: WBRZ, Legat

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