Psychic Who Predicted Trump Would Win Makes Scary Prediction About President

A psychic received a bit of attention when she accurately predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential election. Now, she's getting even more attention for a recent blog post in which she claims she had a 'vision' that President Donald Trump is doomed to die - in October.

According to the psychic, there will be a presidential assassination from a rooftop shooter while Trump is giving a speech. She says her spirit guides have given her all of the gory details.

Lyndsay Edwards is a psychic who grew up in a Spiritualist church and who says she's been able to communicate with spirits all of her life. The online psychic reader blogs about predictions that these spirits present to her.

She says she doesn't make the predictions, she just reports them. One of these predictions is about Donald Trump, and it says that Trump is going to be assassinated in October.

Trump's controversial policies will, Edwards predicts, result in an increase of violent rioting and unrest in the fall. This upheaval and Trump's unpopular decisions will drive the assassin to shoot Trump from a rooftop with a bow and arrow.

Neither Trump nor the assassin is expected to survive the attack.

“Donald Trump will be shot dead during a public speech he is doing. The person will shoot from a roof but will be killed by Trumps security immediately after killing Donald Trump,” says Edwards.

“I question my guide how this person can get access to shoot Trump knowing he will have the best security in the world (the SAS),” Edwards admits, “and I am told that due to back lash of Trumps presidential decisions America knows that he has to go as if he remains to be president it’ll only get worse (there is a leak in the system)."

The psychic goes on with her more detailed vision.

“I am shown that he is shot during or shortly after an explosion which I feel isn’t too far from where Trump is giving his (unknown to him) last speech. I am shown a bow and arrow and feel it could be the arrow that goes through Trumps heart. I am given October for Trump to be shot dead and I see many riots, violent protests and total chaos in the run up to his death.”

Other psychics have also predicted the assassination of Donald Trump. Unfortunately for them, many of them also predicted that Trump would lose the election. The vast majority of psychics were convinced Hillary Clinton would win.

You don't have to be a psychic to suggest that assassination attempts on the president's life are a real threat in this time of political upheaval.

Political pundits and journalists have all been very vocal about concerns that the unrest is going too far, and it wouldn't surprise them if serious attempts were made on this president's life.

Edwards is one of the few who ventured to give a month, or predict something as bold as a bow and arrow.

But if you look at her website, you'll see that she also predicted that Theresa May would step down and that Trump would defeat ISIS in June and win the war on terror. Neither of those have happened.

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