Protestors Regret Doing This When They Saw What Police Were Holding

Protesters continue to flood the streets of some cities to rail against President Donald Trump, and whatever he happened to do that day. In Ohio, one group was demonstrating against the president's latest immigration order and, essentially, his existence, when things took an ugly turn.

The 'Resist Trump' rally 'for the 99 percent' was quickly thrown together Monday night by the Socialist Alternative activist group. Columbus is considered a 'sanctuary city,' meaning when illegal aliens are found within the city limits, authorities will not cooperate with federal immigration law enforcement.

Mayor Andy Ginther, has welcomed refugees to the city whether they're here legally or illegally, and vows not to turn them if illegal. He issued a statement in defiance of President Trump this week to "support the resettlement of refugees to Columbus and prohibit the detention of anyone unless a warrant exists or a criminal violation was observed."

In many cases in sanctuary cities, even criminal violations don't warrant a report to federal immigration officers.

Protesters enraged by the president’s immigration policies gathered for an impromptu march. Many expressed other gripes with the president, such as LGBTQ issues or his position on minimum wage. The crowds refused to obey police orders and blocked traffic during the demonstration. The sign-holding, chanting crowd refused to move out of the roadway near the Ohio Statehouse. They moved into the intersection and ignored repeated demands to clear the roadways.

As police and protesters came head-to-head, activists filmed the event and warned authorities that any force would make headlines and reflect badly on police. Police urged activists to obey the laws, and not to allow the incident to result in violence and arrests. Then the pepper spray began to fly.

Police donned gas masks and pepper sprayed the throngs of protesters. This resulted in the crowds finally dispersing. No arrests were made.

The police department made no comment on the incident.

Source: ABC News
Photo: Mad World News

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