Property Manager Terrorizes Tenants With Sick Display

Residents of a condo building have revealed the horrific displays they're forced to see every day.

The white supremacist rally in Virginia and the following tragedy in Charlottesville has shown that hateful groups and individuals still have some degree of influence and support in American society. Now, the spotlight has fallen on a “Nazi sympathizing” property manager from Queens, New York City. According to the New York Daily News, Neal Milano, a disturbed property manager from Sunnyside, has transformed the lobby of his 47-unit condominium into a shrine of Neo-Nazi memorabilia, anti-Semitic slogans and other racist decorations.

In an interview with Jimmy Van Bramer, a City Council Member for Queens (D), it was revealed that the property’s tenants are increasingly disturbed by the hateful and ever-expanding display. “[He is terrorizing them] by displaying racist, anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi imagery. They feel like hostages in their own building and this building is a place where I think all [residents] are traumatized,” said Van Bramer.

One hallway in the lobby has framed photos of three of the evilest men in history, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini. Over the course of their leadership of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, Hitler and Stalin were collectively responsible for the deaths of approximately 15 million non-combatants. To celebrate this monstrosity is truly reprehensible. If that’s not enough, Milano recently expanded the hallway display, adding Josef Mengele, one of the cruelest doctors in Auschwitz concentration camp, and Rudolf Hess, the onetime Deputy Fuhrer of the Nazi Party, onto his building directory.

The full display features a range of equally horrifying items and photos. Milano’s other wall decorations include gun slogans, a portrait of Al Capone, idolized shrines to the Confederacy and several full-size Swastika banners. Bizarrely, the entrance to the lobby is also guarded by two full-size statues of Uncle Sam.

Although Milano’s residents have repeatedly expressed their anger at the display, the Sunnyside property manager has hired an attorney to shield himself from legal prosecution. According to NY Daily News, Milano’s unnamed attorney has denied accusations that the lobby is a “shrine to hate,” insisting that the display is an objective history lesson. One of the building’s residents, 26-year-old Cici Hailai, has spoken out about the confronting building decorations. “It’s strange. It’s a little intense and aggressive ... I feel like, ‘Why show people in public? Just tack it in your house, your space,’” she said.

According to another unnamed resident, Milano’s display was barely noticeable in 2014 and only included historical references to World War Two and 9/11. “If I would have looked at the apartment today, I might have gone to the lobby and turned right around. The gun over the elevator was the first thing that popped up, and that was startling,” she added.

Debbie Dempster, a 48-year-old resident, is particularly outraged by the repeated references to Adolf Hitler, saying: “This kind of hate is unacceptable, Adolf Hitler and swastikas and all that stuff. This is not a museum. This is where people live and they pay a premium to live here. It's deplorable, unacceptable.”

Source: NY Daily News
Photo: NY Daily News

Residents were shocked and disturbed by the display.

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