Professor Reacts To Man Giving Seat Up For Uniformed Soldier, People Are Furious

A professor was on a flight and noticed a man in uniform board. Another man offered his first-class seat to the soldier. This kind of gesture would usually be applauded by most Americans. After all, we owe our freedom to those who fight for it. But the professor thought differently.

“Some guy gave up his first-class seat for a uniformed soldier. People are thanking him. I'm trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul,” tweeted radical professor George Ciccariello of Drexel University.

The associate professor teaches politics and global studies and has taught 'radical theory and politics'. The tweet sparked a fury from twitter users, who shot back at Ciccariello with some hard-hitting responses.

"It must suck to be so bitter and resentful of men who've actually made a difference in this world," Responded Bob Owens.

"I've worked w Vietnam Vets w PTSD. This tweet literally made me sick to my stomach. Life's easy from the cheap seats," tweeted eddie_d.

"his service gives you the ability to tweet absurd things like this," wrote Jake Hicks.

Ciccariello was bombarded with so many angry replies that he set his twitter feed to private in attempt to stem the flow of criticism. That didn't stop Twitter users from discussing the appalling comment. People in the military in particular were chiming in.

"You tried not to vomit or yell?
No, you just sat there quietly like a little bitch," responded Kurt Schichter. "Ignored, irrelevant, wishing you were a man."

"I chose blood wings, @SamiNihad.
I suspect @ciccmaher would prefer hug wings," he later tweeted.

Schlichter, an Army Colonel, got much praise for his comments.

"All the way sir! I seriously doubt this pos could ever understand. Your tweet NAILED IT!" responded RNTatz to Schlichter.

Ciccariello is no stranger to controversy. He once got heat for tweeting "All I want for Christmas is white genocide," only later to say he was joking. Then he admitted he thought that it was a 'good thing' when 4,000 white people were killed in the Haitian Revolution.

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