Prisoner Gets Unexpected News After Saving A Guard's Life

Antonio Duane Brown was sentenced to a year and a half to five years in prison for fleeing and eluding a police officer in Kent County. Hours after his sentencing he saved the life of a female corrections officer. That good deed made him a free man, according to Michigan Live.

The 31-year-old was resentenced and told he would be released from jail after a probation violation was resolved. Brown is responsible for coming to the aid of a female corrections officers who was attacked by another inmate.

Kent County Circuit Judge Mark Trusock said that Brown is likely responsible for saving her life.

"You intervened at your own peril and pulled that individual off of her, probably saved her life and protected her from him attacking her again," Trusock said.

Willie Williams is accused of attacking the guard after she let him out to get toilet paper and thought he was back inside his cell. He attacked her in a control room and started hitting all the buttons to release other inmates for their cells. Brown was one of the first inmates to assist the guard, and about six or seven others also came to her aid.

"He came to the officer’s aid. He took the assailant (Williams) and separated him from the officer," Kent County Sheriff Larry Stelma said. "He was the first one there to help and gave her some reprieve."

Source: Mlive
Photo: YouTube

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