Princess Diana Put A Secret Code In Her Wedding Shoes

When a young Diana Spencer walked down the aisle on July 29, 1981 to wed Prince Charles, the world watched with a collective sigh. On that day, people believed they were watching a fairytale come true- including Diana. This is probably why she took the time to ensure a secret code was hidden in her wedding shoes.

Charles and Diana's wedding was the wedding of the century in 1981. Of course, no one knew at the time that the two would have a tumultuous marriage filled with deceit, infidelity and drama. No one knew the relationship was destined to end in divorce. No one knew the tragic fate that lay in store for the young princess.

At the time, people-- including Diana, who was only 20 years old-- got swept up in the romance of the moment.

Every detail about the royal wedding was, of course, carefully selected, but Diana paid special attention to her shoes. For one thing, she and Charles were the same height. Diana didn't want to wear heels and tower over her royal husband in the photos and videos, so she had famous shoemaker Clive Shilton create a pair with a low heel.

Diana also wanted a lot of bling. After all, it was the early 1980s. Nowadays, people say less is more; back then, more was never enough. The nearly $200,000 gown-- a made of ivory silk taffeta and antique lace-- was epic. With poufy sleeves, bows, ruffles and a 25-foot train, it the dress went down in wedding gown history. The shoes, of course, had to compete with the gown.

Diana's shoes took six months to make, and were covered with 542 sequins and 132 pearls. But the young princess-to-be apparently wanted to personalize them even more, so she had a secret message painted on the suede soles of the shoes: the initials 'C' and 'D', with a heart between them. The little message was meant to be a tribute to the marriage.

Sadly, the starry-eyed people’s princess, and everyone else, for that matter, got carried away in the moment. As it turned out, Diana could only be destined for disaster, as Charles did not really love her. The playboy prince had confided in his friends that he enjoyed her company, and that he expected to grow to love her.

The real reason he was marrying her was due to the royal family pressuring him to find a bride and produce some heirs because he was the next in line for the throne.

Unfortunately for Charles, his real true love, Camilla Parker Bowles, who he dated before Diana, did not fit the bill. They had already slept together and she had gotten married when he joined the Navy. As per protocol, he needed someone young and virginal for his bride.

He thought wide-eyed Diana, who wasn’t even royal, would be perfect because he thought she was naïve enough that he could shape and mold her into the kind of wife he needed her to be.

What he didn’t realize was that Diana had a mind of her own, and that the public were going to fall in love with her in a way Charles never did. She became a celebrated and respected figure in her own right.

In hindsight, the young, doe-eyed bride’s little secret is adorable, though. If only everyone went into their marriage with such hope and optimism.

Source: Reders Digest
Photos: You Tube

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