President Obama Did The Unthinkable During His Speech At The UN (Video)

President Barack Obama addressed the United Nations on Tuesday in a fiery speech that celebrated the success he feels his administration has been. He also had harsh words for Republicans and anyone who might reject globalism.

The president's speech began as a pat on the back, as he credits his administration for a coordinated response to the financial crisis that hit when he took office 'to avoid further catastrophe and return the global economy to growth.'

The president also lists eliminating 'terrorist safe havens', resolving the Iranian nuclear issue, feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, promoting 'development rather than dependence,' empowering international financial institutions and protecting the planet from climate change.

The president then lists the world's problems as he sees them. This includes ‘governments muzzling journalists, and quashing dissent, and censoring the flow of information,' something he himself has been accused of doing.

At that point in his speech, President Obama shifts into campaign mode. Without actually naming Donald Trump or using the word 'Republican,' he makes clear jibes out of liberal talking points. “A world in which one percent of humanity controls as much wealth as the other 99 percent will never be stable,” he says.

The president also makes a strong pitch for globalism. “So the answer cannot be a simple rejection of global integration,” Obama said. “Instead, we must work together to make sure the benefits of such integration are broadly shared.... We can choose to press forward with a better model of cooperation and integration or we can retreat into a world sharply divided and ultimately in conflict along age-old lines of nation and tribe and race and religion. I want to suggest to you today that we must go forward and not back.”

Source: Western Journalism
Photo: YouTube

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