Pregnant Teen Makes Shocking Discovery About Her Baby Daddy

UK resident Lorna-May Anslow was 16 when she met her 21-year-old boyfriend Joseph Johnson back mid 2014. The pair struck up a friendship and decided to get together following a brief online romance.

At age 19, Lorna-May became pregnant and then moved in together with Joseph and his mom.

However, Lorna-May soon found out Johnson was a pedophile and was looking at charges of having sex with an underage girl.

Lorna-May explained what happened next: "When I was 16 weeks pregnant, I decided to clean out his room while he was out at football practice. I picked up a pile of clothes from the floor and opened his wardrobe. I put the clothes away but as I was about to shut the door something caught my eye. There was a fat bundle of paperwork stuffed into a carrier bag. I pulled the papers out and started to leaf through them curiously. What I saw made me feel sick to my stomach."

"Joseph had been charged with having sexual activity with an underage girl,” she continued.

She then confronted Johnson regarding the charges against him.

Johnson defended himself by saying the relationship with the girl was a big mistake and it looked like he might not even be charged in the case.

Lorna accepted her boyfriend’s explanation and decided to focus on the recent good news about her pregnancy.

But her happiness did not last for long.

Johnson went on trial back in February of 2015, and a jury determined he was guilty of sexual activity with a minor.

Johnson was given a three-year community service order together with a five-year sexual offenses prevention order. His name was also ordered to appear on the UK sex offenders register for a five year period.

Following the trial and Johnson’s conviction, however, Lorna-May did some soul searching and decided she couldn't continue their relationship.

Source: Mirror
Photo: Medavia/Mirror

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