Police Sickened To Find Starving 90-Year-Old Woman - It Gets Even Worse

Life goes round in circles, and with that comes a shifting of family responsibilities. Loving parents will raise their children until they are self-sufficient and financially stable enough to leave the nest, and then it’s typically the parents turn for some much-needed ‘our time.’ Fast forward a few years or more, and mom and dad may need some help of their own. That’s when the loving children spring back into action and complete the circle by caring for their parents - just as the parents had done for them.

The above scenario sounds fantastic in theory, but not all families are fortunate enough to have things work out that way. As the Inquisitr shares, it sure sounds like there are plenty of scars that run deep in this family, as a pair of adult children have been busted for attempting to starve their elderly mother to death.

“The woman fell ill and to get rid of the problem of having to care for her, her children attempted to make her die from starvation in the locked room. They didn’t send their mother any food, telling her it was so she didn’t need the bathroom, and would allow no-one in to see her,” explained a spokesperson from the local police department in China.

The woman, Xiaoming Tsui, was discovered by police to be living in horrible condition as she was severely emaciated.

“She was becoming an increasing burden to them and so they decided to kill her by starving her to death. Then they planned to tell the authorities that she simply stopped eating. This is not just a family dispute, but calculated murder. Obviously, the selfish children wanted their mother to die to save them trouble of taking care of her,” the spokesperson continued.

The twisted kids, an adult male and an adult woman, were hauled in by the police, and they are now facing charges of attempted murder as the investigation continues.

Source: Inquisitr
Photo: MailOnline

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