Police Shooting Prompts Activist To Make This Shocking Statement

An officer called to a convenience store in Kelso, Oregon for a shoplifting protected himself, the clerk and another customer when the shoplifter attacked. The suspect was shot dead and the officer is under investigation.

Officer John Johnston, a 22-year police veteran, was sent to the Flying K mini-mart when a call came in about a shoplifter. The owner of the store had called police after the shoplifter left the store.

As the officer was interviewing the clerk, the shoplifter returned with a 2-x-4, and he wielded it threateningly. He started hitting the clerk, a customer and Johnson. He struck Johnson in the head with the stick.

Johnson pulled his gun out and fired. The suspect, identified only as a 27-year-old black male, was pronounced dead. Police believe him to have been a transient who had been in trouble several times with the law recently.

Johnson was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation as a part of standard procedure after a shooting. He suffered a knee injury during the incident and will be treated for that as well.

An eye witness called Johnson a 'hero' and said she doesn't believe race was an issue in the incident.

Cynthia Washinton-Mattson, an African-American activist, stunned the world when she stated violence against anyone, especially police officers would not be tolerated. "My heart just goes out to our officers, it really does. I hurt for them because they're damned if they do, they're damned if they don't," she said.

Source: TDN
Photo: Mad World News

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