Police Shocked By What They Find In Man's Wendy's Burger

A West Virginia bacon lover and weed smoker almost pulled one over on the cops.

"Just complete and utter shock," Milton, West Virginia Officer Sean Beckett commented about a recent discovery by a K-9 unit. "When we were searching through the vehicle and my corporal said, 'I found the dope. It was in the cheeseburger.'"

The police officers say somebody in the car tried stashing a small bag of marijuana in a Wendy's Baconator.

"Of course, he said that's not mine," Beckett commented "it was in the cheeseburger when I got it. They must have put it on there at the store."

The officer then replied with a straight face: "But when we checked Wendys.com, we did in fact find out that marijuana is not an ingredient on the Baconator.”

The Milton Police Department decided to have fun with the incident, so they put up a post saying, "For the public's information, hiding marijuana inside a cheeseburger will not keep our K9 from smelling it." The post has already received 5000 shares and hundreds of likes.

The real question, however, is how do the cops know whether the K-9 actually hit on the gram of weed or the three slices of Applewood smoked bacon on the Baconator?

Source: WSAZ
Photo: Youtube

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