Police Paints Home While Family Is On Vacation - They Can't Believe Why

The folks in the town of Tenino, Washington look out for each other. Marvin Phillips and his family, one of the few black families in the small town, decided to go camping over the weekend. Unfortunately, while they were gone, vandals spray-painted racist messages such as “KKK” on the house and on the body of a truck parked in the driveway.

"It made me want to cry when I saw it," commented neighbor Heidi Russell. "It was terrible."

When news spread of the crime, families of all sorts in Tenino came together at the Phillips with paint and cleaning supplies to remove the hate messages and demonstrate the power of neighborly love.

"Our biggest concern was getting this done before the family came home because they have small children and we didn't want them to see their truck or their home vandalized," Russell noted.

Of note, even the town's on-duty police officer joined the paint party.

"I'm here to protect and serve," Officer Wilson pointed out as she wielded a paintbrush. "It aggravates me when this happens. I'm here to make it right."

The caring neighbors erased all evidence of the racist messages with a few hours of hard work.

When Marvin Phillips and his family got back from their camping trip a few hours later, they were overwhelmed by the generous spirit of their neighbors.

"I'm overwhelmed and I'm shocked," Marvin Phillips said with tears in his eyes. "When I heard what happened, I was hurt. I don't know who did this. I was more concerned about the kids."

Source: KHOU
Photo: KHOU

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