Police Horrified When They Discover Why Man Blew Up His House

After a home exploded, a startling discovery was made in the rubble.

Authorities found the body of a woman, but she didn't die from the explosion. She apparently died from several gunshots long before her body was found in the charred ruins. Her husband has been arrested.

On Wednesday, at approximately 2 p.m., the Pirus home in Madison, Wisconsin blew up, putting not only the occupants, but many neighbors at risk. The force of the blast sent dangerous debris flying all over the street, and the home was entirely engulfed in flames. By the time the fires were put out, the home was completely leveled. Thankfully, no neighbors or passersby were harmed.

On Saturday, Steven D. Pirus was arrested on a number of charges, including suspicion of murder. Police believe that the 59-year-old man murdered his wife, 50-year-old Lee Anne Pirus, and tried to cover up the murder by blowing up the house. Pirus allegedly left his wife's dead body inside the house and set off the explosion in hopes that any evidence of foul play would be destroyed by the blast.

Mrs. Pirus may have been shot dead 'weeks, if not months ago', according to police in a press conference. Lee Anne's autopsy shows that the woman's death was caused by 'homicidal firearm trauma', and that she had 'conservatively' been dead for weeks before the explosion.

“Steven Pirus shot and killed Lee Anne,” Koval stated at a press conference, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. “Steven intentionally blew up this house. He’s as much as admitted it over the course of several days of conversations.”

Police believe that Pirus tampered with the natural gas system to cause the explosion. Madison Fire Chief Steven Davis and a task force investigating the blast found evidence to support the theory that the blast was intentional. The gas line would have had to have been deliberately altered to cause the explosion, the results of the investigation said.

“He would have had to manipulate, physically manipulate, a gas line leading from the dryer to the sub-basement in and around the area where her body was recovered,” Koval said.

The couple had been married for more than 20 years and had been living at the address for about 12 years. They had no children together. Neighbors had stated that they hadn't seen Lee Anne for weeks before the destructive explosion. No missing person's report had been filed, despite the fact that Mrs. Pirus had been missing for so long.

“I would concede that’s unusual,” said Chief of Police Mike Koval.

According to Koval, authorities are trying to determine a potential motive for the crime.

“I don’t want to rule out financials,” Koval said. “I don’t want to rule out extra-marital issues. I don’t want to rule out anything. The suspect himself, soon to be a defendant himself, has vacillated between his motives.”

Pirus has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide, reckless endangerment and arson.

Source: People
Photo: YouTube

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