Police Find Nine Mutilated Bodies Stashed In An Apartment

Halloween may have been a day of spooky fun and frolic for many Americans, but for police in Japan, it was a real-life horror story. Authorities in Tokyo made a shocking discovery in a city apartment: the mutilated bodies of nine people. A man who confessed to the crimes was arrested.

Takahiro Shiraishi, a 27-year-old living in a quiet, residential area with a nondescript apartment, was caught when police were investigating a missing person. An unnamed 23-year-old woman had been reported missing in September by her brother and police were investigating her disappearance.

Police found that the woman had joined a suicide group on social media and tweeted, "I'm looking for someone to die with me." They traced the woman's last days and found the last time she was seen was when she was spotted walking with Shiraishi. Police visited the man's apartment to question him and found two human heads inside a cooler at the entrance of his apartment.

"During the course of the investigation, the heads of nine bodies have been discovered," said a report from TBS, a private TV network. Police immediately arrested the young man, but there was so much more left to be found. They found the mutilated bodies, belonging to the heads, hidden in containers with flesh stripped off and organs removed.

Hideaki Hosogaya, an 83-year-old neighbor, said he smelled something he 'never smelled before' coming from the apartment. "I thought it was the smell of sewage," he told the media.

"It's really cruel. He used a saw to dismember the bodies or something. He must be abnormal to have done such things," Hosogaya added.

"Nine dismembered bodies found on the day of Halloween. Humans are definitely scarier than ghosts," wrote one local on social media.

"What a psychotic event on Halloween. I don't think I could bear 10 minutes with nine dead bodies around," said another.

Shiraishi confessed to police that he had been a serial killer. He lured suicidal people to his home, then killed and dismembered them. His Twitter profile was 'hanging pro’.

"I want to help people who are really in pain. Please DM me anytime," he wrote on social media. "Bullying is everywhere, in school and at work. There must be many people in society who are suffering after attempting suicides, though their cases are not reported in the news. I want to help such people."

He would lure victims by promising to help them with a quick and painless end, and encouraged them not to tell others that they were going to be attempting suicide. According to reports, however, he would sexually assault his victims and choke them to death.

In part, the killer said his motive was money. He was an out of work sex business recruiter.

He mutilated the bodies, he said, not for pleasure but because it was the most practical way to get rid of the corpses. He had trouble figuring out a way to dispose of his victims, and he was afraid of being caught if he threw whole bodies away. He started disposing of them in small pieces, sprinkling cat litter on the body parts and throwing them out with the trash.

Shiraishi killed at least nine people, four of the victims being 17 years old, on a two-month-long killing spree.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: YouTube

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