Police Disturbed By What Man Did To This Toddler - Immediately Arrest Him

A disturbing incident has come to light out of Crumlin, South Dublin in Ireland, and it has to do with the actions of a Somalian national that had taken up residence at an apartment complex in the community. As the Mirror explains, the man has been arrested for barbarically butchering an infant.

Reports indicate the man conducted genital mutilation on two-year-old girl. The incident took place in an apartment where the girl’s mother lives, along with her other young female child. It’s unclear if the man is the child’s father, or what the exact relationship is. Police have confirmed the incident took place, and the investigation is ongoing, complete with a full forensic investigation of the apartment in question.

“Gardaí at Sundrive arrested a man in his early 30s in connection with an alleged assault. He is currently detained at Sundrive Garda Station,” the spokesperson said.

The child was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment, and the man was arrested and taken away. The disturbing practice of female genital mutilation is a common practice in less-developed countries, despite the fact that it can cause serious health consequences and has absolutely zero benefit for the victims.

It’s a criminal offense in Ireland and other developed nations. If convicted, the man is facing a substantial fine and up to 14 years behind bars. A stunned neighbor was on the scene as the police arrived, and he offered up some insight on the family at the center of the investigation.

“I was [shocked] to see the police car outside and that is why I asked them what had happened but they didn’t tell me. I don’t know the family by name, I just say hello. The kids are not even five years, they are younger. I have been living on this road for one year now and they were living here before me,” shared an unidentified neighbor.

Source: Mirror
Photo: Mad World News

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