Photographer Stuns Viewers With Birth Photos - What Happens To Some Babies During Delivery

Photographer Kayla Reeder has shocked the public with her intimate and incredibly beautiful collection of birth photos, depicting what can happen to a baby’s head during delivery. The collection of images, displaying the birth of baby Graham to parents Nikki and Chris, gives a breathtakingly realistic insight into the struggle and miracle of childbirth and the incredible malleability of a newborn baby’s head.

Based in Florida, Ms. Reeder specializes in maternity, birth and newborn shoots and documented the birth of baby Graham in a stunningly candid shoot this past Valentine’s day. During childbirth, it is completely normal for a baby’s head to become cone-shaped in order to fit through the birth canal. In Nikki’s case, baby Graham was in a particularly awkward angle in the birthing canal, causing his head to mold into a very accentuated cone shape: “The molding on Graham’s head was extra dramatic because of his position…his head was tilted a bit to the side so the molding isn’t centered and it caused his mama to push a bit longer.”

Graham’s pronounced cone head is completely normal in newborn babies and is “in no way traumatic,” said Ms. Reeder. To allow for a baby to pass through the birth canal, the baby’s skull is not fully formed at birth. Instead, the skull is made up of several ‘fragments’ or plates that are joined together by soft tissue known as sutures, which allow their large heads to mold to the shape of the mother’s canal, making for safe passage through the birth canal and a somewhat easier birth for the mother. The bones in a baby’s head usually begin to fuse together just three months after birth.

When Nikki informed Ms. Reeder that she was in labor, she drove 45 minutes to the hospital in order to capture the event. Arriving just before the baby’s father, Chris, the mother of three revealed that witnessing Graham’s birth was “a blessing”, stating that the birth occurred under an epidural, creating a calm and exciting atmosphere for everyone in the room. Although it took a little longer than normal for Graham to make it through the birth canal, Ms. Reeder assured everyone that no additional interventions were necessary other than the whispered, encouraging words of Nikki and husband Chris’ hand to squeeze.

Ms. Reeder’s photographs of the happy family have since gone viral across the internet, with many internet users speculating as to the cause of baby Graham’s cone head, and others praising the miracle of childbirth. One user known as ‘Pnkpnthr2015’ commented “nature is amazing… it’s a fascinating process!!” in response to Ms. Reeder’s intimate photographs. Another user, known as ‘makeitcount’, was not as impressed by the cone-shaped head of baby Graham, stating “Well. Ahem. That is horrifying.” Many individuals also expressed their concern for Graham, however, Ms. Reeder assured viewers “soon after birth, the molding went down and by a few days old he had a perfectly shaped head.”

Source: Yahoo News
Photo: K Reeder Photographhy

Reeder has photographed at least 25 births.

Little Graham displayed what she calls the "cone head" effect.

The effect usually disappears after a few days.

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