People Are Demanding Answers From Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel, the 'Old Country Store' chain of restaurants and gift shops across America, is getting a lot of attention right now on social media. Unfortunately for them, it's not good. Thousands of people are demanding to know this: Why did Cracker Barrel Fire Brad's Wife?

Bradley Reid Byrd was upset when his wife, Nanette, was fired from Cracker Barrel. The woman had been a waitress for the restaurant for 11 years when a regional manager told her that her employment was 'not working out'. To add insult to injury, Nanette was fired on her husband's birthday. She had to go home and break the bad news.

Brad was distressed and took to Facebook. He asked Cracker Barrel in a post, "Why did you fire my wife?"

Cracker Barrel didn't respond, but some people asked Brad about it. “She was let go. I don’t know why. That is why I am asking them. No answer. LOL!”

The internet has Brad's back. A campaign started called 'Justice for Brad's Wife.' People are now demanding answers. Finally, a commenter who claims to be 'in the know' added a few more details to the story.

Michelle Bowman Neuhauser said that Brad's wife was fired because she is an older woman getting too close to retirement. She claims Cracker Barrel is facing a lot of legal action for discrimination as this is a common move the company makes.

Cracker Barrel has been inundated with demands by people seeking #justiceforbrad and #justicefornanette.

"I was appalled when I learned that you fired Brad's wife, and ended my trip immediately. On his birthday, no less," wrote one commenter.

"You can't fire peoples wives on the husbands birthdays you animals..." read another comment.

Memes are even popping up, such as one saying, "Not firing Brad's wife on his birthday.... so hot right now."

Will Brad, Nanette and the world get answers? The world may never know.

Source: Shareably
Photos: Flickr

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