Parking Lot Holds Car Hostage After Man Passes

Sue Mountford's ex-husband and father of her children, Jimmy Neal, died after visiting the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, Cornwall for a lung complaint.

The 73-year-old from St. Austell drove himself there, but his condition was worse than he anticipated and he was admitted to the word. He died on Thursday night after a 10-day stay leaving Sharon, 37, and their children Hannah, 12, and Sean, 11, devastated. Yet, Sharon was further grieved when she was told by a parking firm that they would not release his Vauxhall Corsa unless they paid over $148. Although Sharon divorced her husband 10 years ago, they were still very close.

She asked a friend, Jess Brewster, to pick up the car. When her friend arrived, she claims she was told by an attendant working for parking firm Q-Park that she couldn't take it unless she paid the charges.

The story was shared on social media and received much public outrage. Q-Park then agreed to release the car without charge. Sharon said, "Jimmy went in with an infection to his lung as he was struggling to breathe. He drove himself in and thought he would go to A&E and be out the same day. But his lungs and his heart just gave in and he died about ten days later. I then got a call on Friday morning to say he had died and it came as a complete shock. But when Jess tried to get the car and was refused, I just couldn't believe it."

She continued "It really hasn't helped and all this stress has just added to our grief. She told me they would not let the car out unless we paid the £12 a day charge. I was in disbelief. They knew the situation but they still would not release the vehicle. How they can justify charging a dead man for parking at a hospital is beyond me? We have only now got the car back after the pressure was put on them publicly. They were shamed into doing it."

A spokesman for Q-Park said, "Q-Park has worked with the hospital for many years at Truro and has a policy not to release any vehicle firstly without the owner's permission, other than when there are exceptional circumstances. We would never charge for a deceased's car to be removed from the car park. We are doing everything we can to help during this difficult time and our sympathies are with the family."

A spokesman for the Royal Cornwall Hospital said it had never experienced anything like this before.

Photo: Daily Mail

Woman forced to pay parking bill to retrieve deceased husband's car.

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