Parents Go To Doctor Hoping To Learn Sex, Get This News Instead

When Ben and Alyssa Reidhead headed out to a doctor’s appointment they thought they would learn the sex of their baby. But when they got to the doctor’s office, the fact that they were having a son was quickly overshadowed by some bad news.

Doctors advised them that their 23-week-old son’s brain was growing outside of his skull and that he would probably only live for a few minutes or die at birth, according to FOX 13.

The Reidhead’s began to plan their son’s funeral.

“We picked out a casket and we picked out what we were going to do,” Alyssa Reidhead told FOX 13.

Ben Reidhead recalls being terrified of the birth.

“Almost scared of having the baby come not because we didn’t want him to come but just because we were afraid of losing him,” he said.

All those fears eventually faded as their son defied all odds at his birth. Not only did he survive child birth, he isn’t hooked up to any machines, is breathing well, lifting his head and moving around.

“He’s pretty much acting like a completely normal baby,” said Alyssa Reidhead.

Baby Will, was diagnosed with cutis aplasia, and is missing the back of his skill. When he was born, his skull was only protected by a thin membrane layer. Right now, doctors are currently trying to figure out the best options are for Will’s future.

Those wishing to donate to the Reidhead family’s Go Fund Me can do so at:

Source: Fox13
Photo: Pregnancy Podcast, Fox13

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