Parents Given Shocking News 9 Years After Their 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Disappearance

It seems that UK police have a new lead in the long-running Madeleine McCann case. Various media sources are claiming that police have interviewed a victim groomed, and raped by deceased UK MP Sir Clement Freud several decades ago.

The sources confirmed that Metropolitan Police officers spent an hour and a half talking to Freud victim Vicky Haynes after published comments from Haynes that she "wouldn't be surprised" if Freud was somehow related to the unsolved McCann case.

The now 64-year-old Haynes remarked that the ex-Liberal MP Freud was obviously interested in her when he became a regular patron at her father's restaurant back in the sixties. She was just a teenager still going to school at the time.

She says that Freud worked hard to became friends with the family, and groomed her with attention and gifts for years. When she was 17, he got her alone one night, gave her several drinks and then raped her.

It should be pointed out that Haynes did not report the abuse to police until four years ago. She claims she came forward then because Kate McCann's book about her daughter’s unsolved disappearance noted that the disgraced MP Freud had become friends with the McCann family during a stay at his vacation villa in Portugal.

Haynes seems to suspect Freud, who died seven years ago now, could have known something about what happened to Maddie all those years ago.

However, the statement from Scotland Yard did not offer any further details on the case. "The Operation Grange team have considered the recent media speculation but we are not prepared to discuss our ongoing investigation to discover what happened to Madeleine McCann.”

Keep in mind that some sources have claimed that Freud was "great friends" with several people who have been at least tangentially connected to little Maddie’s disappearance. Last but not least, Freud owned a villa in Portugal very close to where Maddie McCann disappeared.

Source: Telegraph
Photo: Telegraph

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